Currently at Red Antler.
I am a designer with a focus on
graphic and product design.

Diplomacy through Food
While the world changes at a rapid pace, diplomacy is still rooted in the past. In order to remain relevant, diplomats must adopt new strategies. A way in which the U.S. can redefine its stance on diplomacy is by forming a bridge between food and culture. By forging diplomacy through food, the U.S. can provide a foundation from which ideas and relationships can be sown.

Taste emphasizes a softer side of foreign relations, promoting culture and education through nonpartisan means. By providing a series of photographs, historical narratives, and recipes, Taste aims to humanize the cultures of countries the United States is often at odds with—specifically Russia, North Korea and China—through the form of cookbooks designed as diplomatic briefs. 

Client.............Student project at UT Austin
Role...............Designer, Art Director
Advisors........Jason Wilkins (Dyal), Fernando Suarez (R/GA), Michelle Maudet (Pentagram)
Field...............Print, Editorial, System, Social 

A. Taste Books

B. Taste Emblems

C. Exhibition

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